When adding a baloonr, how much time should I assign for each stage (Launch, Evolve, Pump, and Explore)?

This is completely up to you. You know your team and workflow the best; however, we can offer some best practices and things to consider:

  • If your baloonr is more complex and requires more thought or multiple baloons, you might want to provide more time for people to write and think about their responses.
  • Increase the time if participating people and/or groups have a known busy day or week.
  • Account for weekend days when baloonrs span the weekend.
  • In general, the Launch and Evolve stages tend to require more time than the Pump stage, since people are generating ideas, writing, and reading baloons. The pump stage can sometimes be shorter, but just make sure people have enough time to visit Baloonr and pump up some baloons.