What is the goal of each stage (Launch, Pump, and Done)?

  • In Launch, the goal is to launch as many baloons as possible. Everyone invited to the baloonr should do the same, so by the next phase of this stage, there are lots of baloons to evolve! You are anonymously creating and launching baloons, so you can freely launch baloons that are outside the box.
  • In the second phase of the Launch stage, the goal is the build upon each other’s baloons. Ideas can evolve and become more refined. Also, if you come up with completely new ideas, you can also launch brand new baloons, just like in the Launch stage. You can also provide more contextual feedback before the voting in the Pump stage.
  • In the Pump stage, the goal is to collect unbiased votes for all of the baloons in the baloonr. By not showing you the current pump count for each baloon, you won’t be influenced by which ones are the most popular. Each idea will be pumped on merit alone!
  • Lastly, in Done, this is just the opportunity for you to assess which baloons received the most pumps.